Raw and Real…

Harvey is five months old! Wait what???? When did that happen? Where did these last five months go?

Lately I can’t remember one thing to the next. I go about 100 miles an hour and I don’t stop. Between playing, feeding, changing diapers, working out, burping, shooting, edit, edit, edit, drive here, go there, drop off and pick up MAMMA IS TIRED!!!! 

Next week is our last wedding of the 2013 spring and summer season. And let me tell you, working 25 weddings in 21 weekends straight is purely exhausting!!! I am ready for a much needed vacation to snuggle and love on my family! 

The other night right before Harvey’s bath, we captured a few sweet moments that I don’t want to forget. why? Because life is so busy, and these are the moments one day I will look back and miss this. 

There is something about a black and white image that just grabs my attention. I love that they are raw and real  and can tell a story. I snapped the image below this morning while Brandon was mowing the grass. I just love the feel of this image. Harvey, the Poo and myself just waiting on daddy….

And again this afternoon I couldn’t help but to capture this raw and real moment that I don’t want to ever forget. Right now he needs me…and one day he won’t need me as much…or at least he wont want me to hold him like this. (warning: these are real life images. no makeup, hair a mess, and in my pj’s).