MIA and feeling good

Lately I have been MIA (missing in action). January and February are what I like to call “the off season”. The off season to me, is a time to whined down, relax, travel, and enjoy my family and friends. It is also time for revamping my blog and brand, as well as working on my taxes. Eight beautiful weeks to get me well rested for the spring wedding season.

My off season started with a nice trip to beautiful San Destin with my hubby, business partner Jenn and her other half Russ for New Years Eve. It was a much needed vacation and well deserved treat after shooting 13 weddings in three months. Over several glasses of wine, Jenn and I shared many laughs and tears over how far j&j weddings had come in only 8 short months. We had no idea things would take off the way they did. I just feel so blessed to have such a wonderful business partner and best friend!

Next I worked on revamping my blog, logo, and brand. If you know me, I am not really good with change. I went back and forth with colors, design, wording etc. And now I have my new blog up and running and I am happy with all of my decisions.

Next, I started working on myself. When my Dad passed away five months ago, I sank into a fogged state of mind. I kept myself so busy with shoots, weddings and editing, that I kind of forgot to take care of myself. Everyone was always telling me how strong I was, but to me I really didn’t have time to not be strong. Only when I was alone did I feel the pain I was really feeling. Back in January I went in for an annual and a little chit chat with my doc. I never realized how much I wasn’t taking care of myself. My doc gave me a major wake up call about my fogged state of mind. Sometimes it just takes someone outside your circle who doesn’t know you, to give you a swift kick in the butt. So I am back in the gym at Titus Sports Academy. I am eating healthy, drinking less vino, and finally getting my groove back!!!