Behind the scenes with JRP

I just wanted to pop in to say hi and to share a few photos I just recently came across. These were taken by my best friend Kristen a few months ago. It was the dead of summer and we were at St. George island for her sisters maternity shoot. I gave her my backup camera and told her to document me as I worked. I don’t normally wear gym clothes to my shoots…but in this situation it was scorching HOT outside, and I knew I would be getting dirty.

Here I am leading the momma to be to the exact spot I wanted her to stand. In this shot, I knew that I wanted to silhouette her against the sun.

In silhouette shots you have to be careful that your subject is positioned just right and that their hands are placed in the right position, otherwise they look like they have weird objects coming from their body.

Kristen decided to try some silhouetted shots of her own with the daddy to be!

What can I say, I have a fun job!