Poo….the bean bag filler ball finder….

A few weeks ago I stuffed my newborn posing puck with bean bag filler. Have you ever tried to stuff a bean bag??? It’s a lot harder than you think!!

Those little styrofoam balls stick to you like glue! Before I knew it I had them EVERYWHERE!!! I had them in my hair, all over my hands and feet, and I am still finding them all over my house!

Poo keeps finding them as well. I cross my heart I did not put this on her nose….

In other news, I thoroughly enjoying working as a full time photographer!!

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and doing what I love to do!

Also, I have an extra posing puck for sale! To all of you photogs out there…email me if you are interested in it!

It’s PERFECT for newborns!