Big News

I know, I know, I shouldn’t have blogged about BIG NEWS and then not share the news right away!

Lets just say things have been a little hectic around here with my Dad having his heart attack and then me leaving for my NYC trip.

But I will not keep you waiting any longer! So without further a’do I introduce to you…..

I have recently teamed up with Jennifer Powell Photography on weddings. This is strictly weddings!!! I repeat just WEDDINGS!!!

So, that means to all of my brides to be you will get the TWO of us on your big day!

Jenn and I have become dear friends over the last year and we were constantly second shooting each other’s weddings!

It just made sense to team up and share the big day together.

So hop on over  and check out the new wedding blog and like us on facebook!

Much love,