friday night FAQs take two

First and foremost I want to say that my answers to your questions are strictly my opinion and what has worked for me. I am still learning myself, so what works for me might not always work for you.
1. I recently bought a Nikon 35mm 1.8. How can i make the most of it?
Prime lenses are the best, and the 35 mm 1.8 is a great lens to add to your gear! Definitely take advantage of this lens when taking portraits. The bokeh is beautiful and it works wonders in low lit situations! This lens focuses fast and the best part is that it is very affordable! And my biggest advice as always is practice, practice, practice!
2. I love all of your crisp low-lit shots, teach me how!
When I first started out in photography i would just pull out my camera and shoot away. I never really paid much attention to what I was really focusing on. In order to accomplish crisp sharp photos especially in portraits you must always focus on one of the eyes. If you focus on one eye, you will be amazed at how sharp your photo will be. I don’t know about you, but I want my clients face to be in focus! In low lit situations I like to shoot wide open!
It also has a lot to do with the glass! Kit lenses are great for starters…trust me had my fare share of kit lenses, but I realized that my photos were not going to get any better if I didn’t step my game up and purchase nicer glass!
3. Its a cut throat industry, how do you handle negative comments about your work and/or years of experience from other photographers?
Yes it definitely is a cut throat industry. You either make it or break it! There will always be negative comments towards anything you do in life! I find it very sad when I see photographers use forums and facebook to cut down other photographers and their work. Just remember to not take part of their insecurities and push through all of the negativity. Attitude is everything, and if you have a positive attitude especially towards your competition then you will go far! If you take part in the negativity just remember your clients see that, and in my opinion that is not good for business!
In the last few months Jennifer Powell and I have become very good friends. I do not see her as my competition. Yes we shoot very similar and yes we run close in the same circle of friends. But Jen is my friend who supports me and pushes me to be a better photographer. She doesn’t hold back secrets on how she shot something and neither do I. There are times when I need a pick me up and she is right there! My biggest advice is to find your Jen in the business!
If you have a question for me, please leave a comment, email me, or facebook message me!
Poo’s true fact of the week….
In a NORMAL year 40,000-60,000 photographers enter the marketplace. This past year over 150,000 photographers entered the marketplace!!