friday night FAQ’s with jenna

Lately I have been getting emails from some of you asking questions about my photography. Some of you are new to the business and some of you are just asking because you are curious. A lot of the questions are the same ones so I thought I would answer them on this bloggity blog. If any of you out there have any questions for me on how I shoot or if you need some advice I would be happy to help!
I am still a beginner myself, but I am a little ahead since I have been in this business for a year now. I believe in the power of helping others so that is why I am answering these questions. I remember when I was first starting out, I found it very difficult to find a seasoned photographer to help me. So I resorted in reading lots and lots of blogs and forums. The best blogs to me are the ones who tell you their secrets and answered your questions.
So without further ado….here we go!!!
1. How did you get started?
    My hubby bought me my first DSLR in November of 09 for my birthday hoping I would start a hobby and stay out of his hair. I started taking photos of everything and putting them on facebook. Soon after an old friend from high school asked me if I would take photos of her little boy and she wanted to know how much I charged. Heck I didn’t know how much to charge! I ended up doing her shoot for free. At the time I didn’t know how to even work my camera! I shot mostly on auto or aperture priority (and I didn’t even know what aperture priority meant). To make a long story short from there on out I was hooked. I began reading tons and tons of information about photography. I soaked it all in like sponge. 2. What equipment do you have and where do you buy it from? 

    I am a Nikon girl all the way!

    Nikon D700

    Nikon D90 (for backup)

    24-70 mm 2.8 lens

    70-200 mm 2.8 lens

    50 mm 1.8 lens

    35 mm 1.8 lens

    wish list:

    85 mm 1.4 lens

    60 mm 2.8 macro lens

I have purchased a majority of my equipment from B&H photo as well as Amazon. Some of my equipment is brand new and some of it is used but refurbished! Do not stray away from buying used equipment. It will save you a ton of money when it boils down to it, and hey lets face it we could all save a little money these days! Photography equipment is very expensive, so be smart and purchase a little at a time and soon it will all build up!

3. Did you go to school for photography? Have you attended any workshops or taken any classes?
    No I did not go to school for photography. I actually majored in speech therapy because I wanted to be a speech pathologist. 
I have always been artistic, but I never thought in a million years I would be a photographer. Looking back I am glad i didn’t go to school for photography because I feel if I did then my style would be so different! I am pretty much self taught through practice and trial and error!  I did attended one class from Studio 715 “I have a digital camera….now what” and it was a great class to learn how to work your DSLR. Check them out if you need to learn the basics about your camera! I also did a shootout with photographer Carlos Villa. My biggest advice for those who are just starting out is to practice practice practice. No matter how many classes you take, if you don’t practice and do lots of trial and error then you wont get very far.  

It took lots of practice before it finally clicked for me!

4. Do you buy props for newborns and babies or do you use what the parents have.

    I am always buying newborn and baby props. Everywhere I go I check out the baby department and see if they have any cute hats, blankets, toys etc. This past weekend my friend Jennifer Powell and I went to the Destin outlets and I racked up on some props!

 At the moment this is what my prop closet looks like!

5. Do you work full time or do you just do photography?

    Heck yes I work full time, and in fact I have a great job! Every photo shoot I do is on the weekends. I absolutely love photography and it gives me something to do rather than sit on the couch waiting on B to get off work!

And that wraps it up for this week! 

If you have any questions please leave a comment, facebook message, or email me! I would love to help!

Poo’s True Fact of the week….

In 2010, over 2.2 million digital SLR cameras were sold in the US.

-consumer electronics association