just sit still….

So of course I have waited until the very last minute to think about my holiday cards. Last year was so easy because I could just use a wedding photo and upload it to my printing site and boom I was done. This year I haven’t even had the time to sit myself in front of a camera! Trying to coordinate my husband and I to where we both have an afternoon off is more than impossible. So what is a girl to do? Of course….sit still Poo!!!!

Poo I can’t see your eyes will you move the hat up a little????

Dang it I focused on the tree….just sit still you are almost done!

Stop laughing at me Poo!!!

If you don’t look at me I wont give you a treat…

Poo don’t turn your nose up to me…I am almost done!

OMG yes yes yes one more one more….work it girl!

That’s my girl!!!!!!!!!!!!