Hey there Skoobers look what I received in the mail today from B&H Photo! They are called warming cards and they include 8 different colors to choose from to enhance your white balance. I am so excited to try them out but FIRST I must read my manual…blah!!! I am the worst when it comes to reading anything because I hate to follow instructions (I think that is another reason why I never cook because I always miss steps in recipes…sorry babe)! Once I get them figured out I will post my before and after pictures so you can see the difference….I hope to see a difference too HA!

They dont really look like much…well to be honest they look like laminated index cards. But from the reviews I have read they are suppose to do wonders…we shall see!

On another note, I bet you are wondering why I called you a “Skoober”! Well I racked my brain for a cute name to call my sweet dear supporters and followers, hence the name  “Skoober” was born.

So what does the name “Skoober” mean? Well if you know my hubby he SKOOO’s everyone he sees. Pretty much if you hear him yell “Skooo” to you then you know he is happy to see you! So my Skoobers…I am so happy to see you and thanks for following my blog!!!

One more thing….I am thinking of trading up my Nikon D60 for a bigger model. Oh how I hate to see us part for this was my first true love that got me addicted to photography! But I feel it is time to up grade my second camera to something that can handle what I need it to do! So Skoobers if anyone is interested just leave a comment or shoot me an email and I will give you the scoop!

Alright well Big Brother is about to start and I am ready to whine down for the night….SKOOOO!!!!!!!!